Friday, March 5, 2010


Think I need to clean up my torch area?

I have been in a creative mode the last few days and this is what happens.. total destruction !This is just a small area of the mess I have been doing floral sculpted beads and that requires alot of color mixing & stringer pulling /aka/ making a mess. The results are much prettier...


  1. Man, I thought my work area was! I can't find my dinning room table...but at least I have a spot to eat on, if I skoot a few things to the side. But this is so crazy. How do you sleep at night? (lmao) Wow. Well at least you can show us a picture of it, because I wouldn't dare to! I couldn't bare it to the rest of the world. You sure have some bravery. Thank you for making me feel a little better by seing your space compared to mine! I admire that in you. I just love your creativity. I wish I could learn how to do what you do. I love crafting up things. Wish you could teach me. Come over tomorrow ok? lol- I live in California (not too far from you-lol)
    Thank you for sharing part of your life with me,
    Laurie at Kottage Kreations