Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Dream

Thought Id post some photos of what we have been working on for the last 6 months.. we are redoing and old farmhouse...ok, its not my dream farmhouse just yet but give us a few more weeks and its going to look awesome!!!
This is my new glass studio :) Im putting in the same red tile floor in here I have in my current studio because I love it so much ..and we have 2 boxes of it The walls will be some funky creative colors... prob a cool turquoise and brown, havent decided on those for sure yet but i get to have fun with color in here!!.
Check out the view from where my torch will be!! Straight out into the woods! You can see some of the bird feeders , even the one the stupid squirrels killed again last night on the ground...little furry rats!! I will definately have some sort of shade on this window... I work late at night most of the time and the thought of not being able to see out into the dark night creeps me out! ( bigfoot could be lurking out there attracted to my torch flame right.....LOLOL )
My ventilation hood will come down right over my work area..swweeet!

These are the dining room and living room in progress... Pizza Pie is the color for the dining room :) I love that name! and cocoa bean and some other trendy fufu brown color for the living room The rooms are much larger than these photos make them look.
Wade is a taxidermist so there will be deer mounts on the walls and a HUGE antler chandelier hanging over the dining room table . The wood floors are actually really nice under all the drywall dust...they will get sanded down and a new coat of stain. Carpet will go in the living room, that floor isnt near as nice..its kinda like wide barn boards.

This is going to be my kitchen... doesnt look like much right now but give my husband a few weeks... weve got everything to finish this room, just waiting for the drywall to be finished and the crows foot on the ceiling ..then i paint!! Perfect Strawberry is the color going in scary but its really a nice med dark red... there are so many antique white glazed cabinets goin in I thought a good accent color would be nice :) The ugly peach wall will be totally covered with cabinets and back splash. Floor will be a really nice tile.

I will be sure to post the FINISHED product pics when were done...
I love it but NEVER want to go thru all this work too old for this

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  1. Hang in there! It looks so great, can't wait to see you finished! Wow, what a neat project!(lol). I'm one of your newest followers, I got your blog from your artfire shop. I love your work and will be purchasing from you soon. I saw your glass beads from a ning I belong to and your work was featured in a contest that we are having. The artist used your rose bud glass beads and I finally found where she got them (your name was listed in the earings she made). I love how beautiful they are! I'm going to get some for meeee! Thank your for having me, ttyl Laurie at
    share the link love!!!